Our simple philosophy is to look for the cause of a problem rather than trying to treat the symptoms. I'm not alone in this, and we like to put interesting articles on here from reputable sources that back up what we spend our working lives talking about.

Rising Damp


This is a very interesting article that helps to clarify some of the mystery surrounding rising damp:


A blog this time, that goes on to talk about the current thinking:


If you want to get really nurdy about rising damp and you love your maths then give this one a bash:



Another great article from Tim Hutton where he talks about how condensation is formed in our modern sealed up homes:


This is a great article published on one of my tutors website and written by another tutor- Oh happy days!!



This article gives an overview of the dreaded Common Furniture Beetle or Anobium Punctatum, which is the most common beetle found in the UK and if you find small flight holes in floorboards or around the loft hatch then it's probably these critters:


A handy guide to identifying which type of beetle you have as a tenant:


Dry Rot

A "don't panic" article about dry rot. It's far from good news, but if you cut off the water supply you deal with the biggest issue straight away:



Wet Rot

An ID parade of the most common forms of rot in buildings:



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