Independent Rising Damp and Timber Surveys covering Hampshire,Isle of Wight,  Wiltshire, West Sussex, Dorset and beyond.

Welcome to Tennyson Surveying

Independent Rising Damp and Timber Surveys

 Tennyson Surveying is a Property Care Association Accredited company covering Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Wiltshire, West Sussex and Dorset.

 I undertake surveys for individual home owners or purchasers as well as for Housing Associations and Councils, with the aim of resolving any damp or timber related issues with the minimum of fuss and disruption.


 I am not linked to any remedial treatment company, so the fee I charge is to cover my input into resolving your issues rather than using it as a vehicle to sell my products. 


Rising damp is used as a term to cover a large number of issues, but in reality the cause is normally far more mundane. Damp usually gets into buildings through poor pointing, raised ground levels, blocked cavities or faulty gutters and these defects often don't require the internal plaster to be removed and the walls injected. This means that the cost of works is kept down and the disruption minimised. 





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