RPSA- Residential Property Surveyors Association

We are proud members of the RPSA, who are the largest governing body for independent surveyors in the United Kingdom.


The main reasons we are part of the RPSA and agree with their key points are-


  • Purchasing a property is a big decision, whether it is your next investment, first home or you just need more space, we will assist with making this process as stress free as possible. 
  • We supply our clients with a clear & concise report that is jargon free and easily understood by all purchasing a property.
  • The reports we provide are the most comprehensive and specialist on the market.
  • We provide the right guidance at the right time.
  • When buying a property, it can cause a lot of stress, uncertainty and worry, we will aim to take control of this as much as possible, arming with you all the information you need to move forward with your purchase.



Below we have included a video from our governing body the RPSA, that breaks down in a couple of minutes our aim, and just why it benefits you to choose a RPSA Member like Tennyson Surveying...

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